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25 Years Locally-Owned Business

Rush Creek Wines was founded back in the early 1990s when the owners of the day required a use for the extra fruit harvested from the farm.  Originally an orchard, the property was transitioned into a crop farm with an abundance of fruit plants and bushes that provided the proper Ontario ingredients for delicious fruit wines. A unique one of a kind winery operation that features over 23 different wines made from a host of unique fruit grown in the region. Rush Creek Wines is located approximately 2 miles from the shores of Lake Erie and is proudly one of the finest fruit-based wines manufacturers in Ontario carrying on the tradition of handcrafted wines.

We also have a large inventory of collectibles, including Matchbox and Hot wheels originals, sports memorabilia, trading cards and much more.

Wine Samples are always free!


To make a wine that has character, you need a wine maker with character. Ron has a passion for riding the road less traveled, and that's why Rush Creek Wines are unique and some of the best fruit wines you will ever sample. Ron currently operates several businesses and his knowledge and experience is wide ranged, from calling horse races to becoming an internet e-commerce star by selling over 200,000 Pez dispensers. 

Come by our winery today to sample some of our delicious handcrafted wines. Sampling is always free!

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